Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I only have a minute, since I'm picking up the girls soon from school-- but I have been eating differently and wanted to share.

Every morning, I have scrambled eggs (uh, only for like four days now). 

For lunch, I cook a cup of brown rice every other day or so. I eat half and save half for the next day. So the first day, I eat it hot with steamed peas or finely chopped broccoli. A bit of parmesan cheese and sea salt and there you have it! 

The next day, I eat it either hot or cold. Cold, it is super yummy with avacado, some sprouts and cherry tomatoes, or some arugula and pine nuts.

That's about as fancy as I get :) 


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best mom ever said...

This is awesome, Sarah. I am going to try the rice dish for sure. I think the egg is quite under-rated. Eggs are satifying, have staying power and gives us women the protein we seem to come up short on. (Don't show that last sentence to my English teacher!)